is to be an avant-gardist-- to emphasize, practice, and celebrate experimental and unorthodox methods and techniques, and to incorporate this into a craft. Four Hispanic brothers from Chicago churn out post-rock, whose name and music aptly fits the term.


Erick, Fernando, Luis, and David Arias

The brothers in Avantist have dedicated the last decade of their lives making music that proves to fully live up to this idea of the avant-garde. Their music revolves around the philosophy that art is and should be progressive, dynamic, and unconventional, and that creativity is something to incorporate into every single aspect of life. They continuously strive to challenge themselves as artists, as well as to challenge their listeners.

"AVANTIST", Self-Titled (2018, No Trend Records)

In April 2018, Avantist finally saw the release of their first full-length album come to fruition through the help of Chicago based label No Trend Records. Their self-titled LP is a record that is years in the making, with the process beginning in June 2014 and ending in June 2016. Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago is where the Avantist began their meticulous writing and recording process with album producer Andy Spillman. This process involved several different studios and talented engineers. They worked continuously and endlessly, the goal being to perfect and duplicate the electricity of their live performance. They brought along Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez (saxophonist of The Mars Volta) to record onto two of their heaviest tracks, adding an element that pushes the music to dizzying heights. 

The album is 11 tracks that tells Avantist’s story and includes underlying themes of family, love, and loss. Packed with post-rock viciousness while simultaneously switching over to melodic harmonies with a hint of R&B, each track is unpredictable from start to finish. This record is the definition of Avantist.

"TERASOMA" EP (2018, No Trend Records)

Their follow-up EP, Terasoma, had the brothers step out of their comfort zone. In contrast to the two years they spent on their first LP, within the span of a month, Avantist forced themselves to shape, write, record, mix, and master all new music with the help of long-time friend and producer Yuki Tasaka. In an unfamiliar work process with a set goal in mind, the brothers were energized and unflinching in their creation. As hard-hitting as ever, Avantist has made a successor that is as every bit raucous and infectious as their previous release. This is their next step. Excited to adapt and eager to continue creating, the Avantist are moving forward.


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